De-anodizing Question

Yo I want to experiment with removing ano. Specifically just the ano on the rim like let the yo soak in a shallow puddle of oven cleaner to just remove the ano just on the rim. I doubt this will impact how the yoyo spins, but they are sensitive and maybe it might? Let me know if any of y’all have any thoughts or if anyone has experimented with only removing a portion of the anodizing, please let me know how it went! Thanks!

Are you trying to get a polished rim look? If yes I recommend checking out this video


Yeah kind of but this will work thank you!

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I’ve not done any such thing but I can imagine one possible negative effect. If the oven cleaner is supposed to dissolve the ano, then the line where the ano touches the cleaner could absorb a bit of the cleaner causing the line to come out less than clean and crisp. Possibly even down right nasty. This may not be the case at all but it seems like this “could” happen and I’d rather have that info prior to starting as opposed to finding out too late, as I have many times in the past. Perhaps find a way to experiment on something you don’t care about first, just to make sure. Just a thought.

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Yeah I didn’t think about that…good point! I think I will just use high for sandpaper so I can get a crisp line. I basically just want to remove the edge of this edge fs

Like just the flat plane w the text on it


I never like to rain on anyone’s parade, but I’ve been on this Earth for a few minutes and I’ve tried a LOT of things. In most cases, not all but most, when a quick and easy method is used there are sacrifices of some sort involved. You’ll never regret taking advantage of time and patience when it comes to something you love. :wink:


Nice video.
I strongly recommend “Gently Squeezing” just enough the drill into a bench vice to free yo’r hand and ultimately free yo’r mind.

As well as gluing sand paper unto a tool of choice, say like, a soft conic pencil eraser, square tipped chop stick, popsicle stick, etc. Whereas by doing so, you gain more precision over the sand paper, unlike fat fingers.

Keep of cool tool…Chop Cut Rebuild.