cleaning a yoyo

hey guys, I just got one of the new limited release too hots. It would appear I received one of the actual yoyos in the picture. Something was used to hold the yoyos together in that pyramid shape. I think it’s a blue sticky tack type substance. There’s a bunch of residue left on the yoyo. What would ya’ll recommend to clean the anodized surface?

Lighter fluid seems to work on a lot of glue residue. It won’t hurt the ano.

We don’t use sticky stuff to hold the yo-yos together - That’s pure skill you’re looking at in all of our pictures. :wink:

Blue residue is most likely left over from the anodizer - Rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth or lighter fluid like jhb recommended should take it right off!

cool thanks for the info. never had any throw with this blue residue before. only thought it had to do with the picture cause clearly the throw had been removed from it’s box and put back in. Not worried about that fact cause I’m glad I got the throw from the picture cause it looks awesome.