Polishing Help/Anno Help

Alright so through a trade I received a mirror polish Ozone plays beautifully then I noticed the bearing kept making this grinding feeling so I cleaned it and within the hour it returned to the original grinding. My bearing cleaning is flawless so I knew something was up ::slight_smile: I inspected the bearing seat to find some blue anno still in the bearing seat, I figured this must be the problem, how can I remove the rest of the anno myself? I heard I might be able to use acetone (which I’m picking up today anyways) but what should I use and what’s the process? It’s just a tiny bit of anno so I don’t really want to send it off to get removed and pay for it.

Please don’t touch the ano on the bearing seat. That’s not the problem at all, and trying to remove that stuff is just a disaster waiting to happen. Acetone won’t do anything either for removing ano. It’s probably some extra-hidden gunk somewhere in the bearing.

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It’s not the bearing seat as Julian points out. It’s almost certainly the bearing. Swap the bearing for a known smooth and quiet bearing and test to confirm.

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Thanks for the replies! I’ll have to see if I have an extra bearing that size (not c bearing) or I’ll order a terrapin. I assumed it was the bearing seat because it looks really off from a regular one, only cosmetic though. But I’ll test with a new bearing.

To clarify what was said above about not removing the ano on the bearing seat - the yoyo was more than likely designed to account for the ano on the bearing seat. Removing it will throw things out of whack as far as the bearing fit goes. Then you could see more problems.

The whole bearing seat doesn’t have anno which is why I started the thread. It’s like bits of smudges so I thought that with the bearing spinning deshielded picked up so anno causing the grinding feeling. I have a flat bearing I need to clean, it’s the only replacement bearing I have that size.

When you strip a yoyo of it’s anodizing, you’re supposed to leave the anno on the bearing seat so it doesn’t “gall”. Galling is when metal fuses together.

I wasn’t the one who had stripped it. Luckily there’s been no signs of galling

I’ve been super busy had a x-country meet yesterday phew! Since I had a mystery replacement bearing and I didn’t know what is was I just blew it out with compressed air worked like a charm. Broke it in real quick has been working fine guess it was the other bearing. I’ll just clean it out might have been a junk bearing. But thanks for all the help everyone.