Stepping up (slightly)

Hey guys.

I know there are probably a hundred of these threads, but I’m looking for a new yo-yo after my DMII. It’s great, I love it, and I don’t need another one, but as most people know, everyone needs a new one :smiley:

I’ve done a little looking around and stuff, and I’ve come off with 2 of my favorite candidates: The DV888 and the Zen 2. I’m not going to ask “which one is betttttter plz”, but it’d be nice to hear some of peoples experiences with either of them. I’m actually not sure which of the Zen line is the “best” so to speak, but the hubstacks thing is pretty neat. It’s definantly not a requirment though.

Also, if anyone has a reccomendation for something that is better (in your opinion) then these 2, maybe they play similer etc, then I’m looking for an all metal one, un-responsive, and really just plays nice and reliable. I’m open to suggestions and stuff like that :D. I don’t want the cost to go much higher then that of the Zen 2 though. That’s already stretching it for me heh.

Thanks in advance!

I unfortunately can’t vouch for the zen 2 as I’ve never played it. But I (and a few thousand other people) can vouch for the dv888. A very solid throw, and it grinds well. I think no matter which one you get you get a good through, but I can guarantee you the dv888 is worth the money.

Does it have a different “feel” from the DMII? Or are they similar in style?

Dv888 is anodized metal, smaller, lighter, no caps, no IRG and a plain almost ungrindable cup. And it’s made by YYF. And more expensive. And it’s body is better for grinds.