Step yo #tryingthingsout

Hi all just posting for feedback.
just a project i used to try out a new vendor, (I design lighting and furniture for a living.)

Drawing inspiration from the step pyramid of Djoser the step return top is a work in progress for myself as a designer and yoyo player. The step pyramid was essentially a work in progress, that eventually lead to “true pyramids”. The Step yoyo is under weight, has a mild vibration, and the string will occasionally get caught on the steps. That being said I have always wanted to break away from the traditional O,V, and H, profiles and try something new that may or may not be a failure.

6061 Aluminum
Machined in Guangdong
52.8 mm
39 mm

Thank you!


step-yo_4000 step-yo-34_4000 step-yo-flat_4000


This is super cool for the record :wink:

The only risk of string eating / cutting is that first step after the response pads. The rest should be effectively cosmetic.

It definitely looks cool but I fear that the string getting caught on those tiers would happen more than occasionally. I remember people saying the line in the catch area of the SPYY/CLYW Galactic Goose would catch the string and that was much less pronounced. Would be interesting to try and see though.

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That thing looks awesome. Seems like it might bring the hurt during play tho.

Thanks for the positive feedback!

it hasn’t chewed up any strings yet, only problem i have found is that sometimes the string can catch a step.
i have been playing with and trying to see if i can incorporate it into a trick, but, I am not that good of a player.

thanks again,


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You can try landing on a step then doing elevator with it. Seems like a lot of neat string grind options to try!