Help, i need help deciding

Hi Guys,

I know i have asked a few questions about strings recently but i need your help yet again.
I have been told slick 6 are good strings to use for unresponsive yoyoing.
Does anybody use or can anybody give me some info about strings that are 50% polyester and 50% polyamide ( like Angel hair??? what ever that is)

please help me, would you suggest trying these or go for slick 6


The Lost Prophet

Angel Hair is stiff. You have to break this string in a bit before it starts to perform. A lot of people have really strong opinions against Angel Hair and someone seem to like it. But if you end up buying Angel Hair, don’t buy a throng of it. If you buy 100 Angel Hair strings and find out that you hate them, you will have a bunch of stiff string just occupying space.

Slick 6 will do you good enough. It is not more than you need.

Addment: It seems like speciality string is the best string, but a winning performance can be done on normal white slicks.

I dont like Angel hairs that much, they are nice for slacks but they are too hard for me.

They twist up easy, and just have a very strange feel to them.

They lasta w hile though, thats a plus.

I prefer type 6 50/50 cotton, poly blends cause they are nice and light, open up well, and slide on the fingers quite smooth.

Its all opinion though, just stating mine.

Good luck with whatever you choose!


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Josh, since I go through string very slowly, I haven’t gotten around to 50/50 yet. Does it have the same roughness as Highlights when you just take it out of the pack?

Slick 6 is actually soft. It may feel a bit grainy, but I believe that it feels less grainy than a lot of other types of string.

personally i prefer 100% poly! but i recently ordered some Hybrid “Yin Yang” Handmade Brazilian Polyamide/Polyester a mix between angel hair and mondo! il let u try some on thursday dude!

cheers mate. you giddy bout gettin ya new yo?? mine got sent out today so i should have it 2moz mornin. i really cant wait

yeah i can wait! i got an email sayin it got sent out 2day as well! haha! thursday will be awesome this week lol not that it always isnt! haha! yoyos, beer and ps3 lol perfect night! haha!

I use angel hair right now and for the most part i don’t like it at all. There are a couple things like how long they last that are really good, but it also takes some good time to break in. i wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I just bought some g string which i’ve read nothing but great about. They cost a little more but well worth every penny i’ve played with them before love them love them love them.