At Last!

YEAH! ;D I have been interested in making yoyo strings for a few days now, and today, I went to the fabric store to get some threads. I got 4 spools of Polyester and 1 Nylon. I was messing around, trying different combos, and I struck gold. 3 threads nylon, and 4 poly. It is AMAZING!!! I might be able to sell some to a small number of people. PM me if you are interested. (remeber, this is a big maybe, so dont get your hopes up.)

-Titanium221 8)

how well doe’s it play out of 10? a video would be nice.

Like Angel Hair string, it takes a while to break in due to the nylon. But it plays about 8.5-9.5 out of 10!
My next video is definitely going to have this string.