Stcaked Genesis

Hot as Hell

anyone interested in a review??


Wait iv’e seen this before…

Oh there it is…

from the side view you can see the rims like on the genesis i never new it looked like it so much

Its almost the same thing.

what i dont like about the new stack genesis is it gains 5 grams… hey matt ima pm you about the yoyo that is gonna be after “The Abyss”

Was the undeniable version avalible at a contest,or did you ask the factory for one like this

no i won the 5A may video contest and their was some confusion between me and tyler so he ended up offering me a stacked genesis and he would engrave undeniable on it to boot so this is a 1 of 1 :slight_smile:


Sooo, review?

well if you really want one i’ll try and write up 2morow

If you write a review could you compare it to a G5 if you have one because I really thought this looked like a good yoyo for me but I remember that I didn’t love the G5 that much. That is a seriously cool engraving on the outside.