Stay safe on the west coast

Hoping all of our members on the west coast are able to stay safe and that their homes are not destroyed in the fires.


Checking in from the SF bay area - kind of have no choice but to shelter in place due to the hazardous air quality. Below are a few shots from the apocalyptic Wednesday, where it remained orange all day (and very dark inside).

Allergies have been acting up even with minimizing outdoor activity (and keeping windows up when in the car).

(this yoyo is supposed to be a blue/gray)


Yep, that’s how it looks up here in the mountains. I gave up a three pack a day habit thanks to all this smoke!!


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I concur… please be safe… stay safe…
Go somewhere that’s safe…stay there stay safe! My heart goes out to you home owner’s!


Oh hey I’ve been to that gas station while picking something up off Craigslist, you’re just across the San Mateo bridge from me.

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The air quality in Idaho is terrible as well. People are hardly going outside at all.

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Finally saw a slight hint of blue sky earlier. But our AQI numbers are still high in the bay area. After 2 straight days of being over 200, we are finally dipping to the mid 100s. Still not good but it’s slightly improving.

Scary thing is, our fire season just started…and we’ve been hit hard already. The Bay Area kicked off with a freak thunderstorm that woke us up in the early hours of the morning…midwest-style thunderstorm. It was entertaining to watch but we ultimately had to pay for it with multiple large fires in the vicinity. Just as these got near 100% containment, everything else catches fire for reasons unknown aside from a gender reveal party that happened down south (using pyrotechnics).

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We have had people succumb to Covid-19 here because of air quality. Things are getting bad.

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Where are these pics??

My brother lives in NE Portland. Has to keep windows closed due to smoke, no AC at his house, a 1 y/o that wants to go play outside but can’t…list goes on. Hope they get some rain soon for some relief.

Stay safe west coast!

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There is a big fire over by Yosemite where I live. Ashes are falling like snow


Pix from Hayward, CA

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