Where's everyone from?

(Mcfarland) Madison, WI here as of 2010. Before that I was born and grew up in Belvedere/Rockford, IL. Absolutely love it more up here.

Where’s the rest of my throwers residing.


I’m from Ohio… tbh I hate Ohio but it’s where I live rn… I really honestly think I want to move to Oregon… if you’re from there message me about how great it is please​:joy::joy:


Rhode Island the smallest state!

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West Virginia

^^ not the western part of Virginia, we are our own state lol

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Orange County, CA

Just moved from Newport to Irvine


I’m from my hometown. And I’m here right now.


Lakewood Washington.

Long Beach, California. It sucks. Too many people. Looking to get the hell out.

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Lots of Californians moving there driving the prices up and disrupting the culture.

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But if you haven’t been to Ohio I don’t know if you understand lmao…

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middle part of Vietnam


Similar to what happened to Seattle. :nauseated_face:


Yeah, being from California, it’s annoying. We wanted to get out way before these other clowns. We just lacked the resources. It’s sad to think by the time the wife and kids and I can leave, that they’ll “California up” all the good places we wanted to move.

And Texas.

Driving up the price of homes.

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I think that’s happening in most major cities.

Some years ago I was gonna get a house (Madison, WI), ended up not working out but a decent house for a single person was 150K here, anything less than that basically looked like it should be condemned.

I THINK this was in like 2017? FFWD to today, so many people are trying to cram themselves into this city that doesn’t have any more room that this entire county sky rocketed to an average of 350K.

So me owning a house is basically off the table at this point unless I move somewhere cheaper and hope I get another good paying job.

Even rent is getting obnoxious

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Born Chicago IL; Grew-up in Philadelphia PA. Now I live in Portland OR.

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Straying a little into outfield… but since you guys are mentioning upward prices>>>

In 1954, my parents bought their house in San Pedro California for $12,000.

My parents made no major improvements. Just periodic maintenance and such. Every house on their block was a similar price.

In the last 2 years, both my parents have passed away.

The property is now owned by my brother and I. We both own houses already, we are not the landlord types, so no real interest in renting or leasing the house.

I get letters in the mail ‘EVERY DAY’ offering me a minimum of $600,000 for the property.

I look at the place and think, ‘Wow, an old house’.

$600,000? People are Nuts.

The next door neighbor just posted his up for $779,000. <> Same floor plan as my parents house, but reversed.

When you sell a house out here, you don’t even need a Realtor to ‘push a sale’. You just put up a for Sale sign and people will ‘bid over asking cost’ to try to lock a deal.

Complete lunacy…


Not quite as good but we bought a standard 3 bedroom rambler in 1977 for $30,000 (Mpls 2nd ring suburb). Same house probably went for $20,000 in 1969…
We considered selling 3 years ago and were offered $250,000 (we stayed). Similar houses in the area are now going for $350,000

Yes it is.

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The sometimes sunny country of England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


Singapore :singapore: