Starting up again


Hey! I haven’t really thrown or kept up with the yoyoing world for about 6 months, but I am going to start again. So, what has been going on with the community? What did I miss? Also any tips on getting back into throwing would be great.


The surprising thing about yoyoing is that, even when you go away from the scene for a little while, you find things haven’t changed much :slight_smile: Lots has happened, yoyos have come and went, but we are happy to see you back. To get back into everything, I would look at the archives of yoyonews for the last couple of months, that will give you the idea of how things have been going. Learn some new tricks, practice your old ones, and buy some yoyos! (If you want)
Have fun!


Completely different ball game. We use a repulsive magnetic field system in our ball bearings and welding wire for string.

All weirdness aside, not tons has changed. I would do what throwto100 said about yoyonews! If you have any particular questions, we can try our best to answer! :slight_smile:


I just got back as well
Got back in to it in the last month or so after a 3 year hiatus from learning any new tricks