Just got back into yoyoing, so where should I start?


Hello, YoyoExpert community! It’s been a while!

A few years ago, I practiced yoyoing quite a lot. But, life happened, so I haven’t thrown much in a few years…UNTIL NOW! haha.

I still have my old Dark Magic 2 and Shinwoo Zen, my two favorites, as well as an abundance of poly-blend string. What should I do to get back into yoyoing? Also, are there steps I should take to bring my old throws back up to speed?

Thank you, friends!

(InvaderDust) #2

throw, bind, repeat. Itll come back in no time. Hit up youtube for some new trick ideas and dont get frustrated when you fail.

Welcome back!


Welcome back!

I’d go ahead and start at the beginning. Go to the “Learn” section here and work through the tutorials. You’ll probably speed through a number of them, things will start coming back to you. If you’re on Instagram, there are a number of players that regularly post trick videos, or you can search the tag #trickcircle Lots of videos to go through.

Some of my favorite Instagram accounts: @ppolor @44moth @zammyickler @docpop @edhaponik @johnando @takeshi_kamisato @david0ung @sakatuca @yuuksta @pauldang @blablanchard

There are many others, but I go to these and borrow different things I see in their videos.

Just remember to have fun :slight_smile:


Check the bearings, clean and lightly lube (or not) as needed. Probably fresh strings (from the supply you have).