Starting small run of modded flipsides.

So I’m going to make a small run of modded flipsides.
I will be: adding weight (68g), wiping caps and leaving Duncan logo, and replacing pads with k pads.
Also maybe dying caps and a LB swap.

  1. Would you buy one for $35?
  2. Would you like to see anything else done to a flipside?

35$ is a rip off. They play well enough as it is, plus, o rings for weights cost 2$ for 2 at Lowes. The pads in Flipsides are already great.

Awesome I can cut the price to 30, I’m also replacing the bearing, so it’s not like I’m ripping anyone off.
Though I appreciate your input, They play well, But they could play BETTER.

Also isn’t it already LB. Or did you mean put in a new bearing?

Different LB

It comes with a Dif-E-Yo KK…

Then i do not see a reason to change the bearing

Yeah the flipside comes with a Chinese kk(with permission from dif)

The flipside has good response, and the bearing is also not too shabby.

Honestly I do not think they would sell. If you want to mod and sell throws, you cannot go wrong with a fhz! Good luck!

Try doing something original if you want to sell modded versions of a perfectly playable yoyo.

Like try, Reshaping or Painting/dying. No one want to pay 35 for about 5 dollars of work.(maybe 10)

If you can do an impressive dye job then it could be a hit

Sounds like all your doing is getting a new bearing and pads, then putting some $2 weight rings. Looks like rip off to me

Yes. Unless he is selling the yoyo w/ the replacements.

Just thought I’d mention…

19.99 for flipside.

  • shipping to him, and to you
  • weight rings
  • wiping caps
  • pads
  • dye job…

that adds up. and he wouldn’t be making a fortune off doing this.

I’ll say it again, if you can somehow pull off a phenomenal dye job, then it could be a hit. but if the dye job was terrible, then it would be a flop.

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dyeing it would be pretty sick

I’m buying the flipsides. Then I’ll ship as they are ordered.

I wouldn’t mind dyeing them.

I just think it could be better, so why not mod it like a fhz?
The flipside has a TON of potential, just sayin…

Ps. I’m not in this for money… :slight_smile:

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if your handy enough and have the supplies you make z stacks for it (if the can come off)

I think properly wiping the caps and dying it could do well but we’d first have to see your dye work

10-4 , but dyeing and wiping wont make it play better :wink:

So I’ll be making some adjustments as well.