Starting out 1A... YYJ Speeder?


I’m starting out learning 1A and I plan to get a YYJ speeder. I know it’s no beginners yoyo but I don’t really want to spend money upgrading yoyos when I’m pro-er. I think it’ll be harder to learn by starting out with the speeder but I guess it just takes longer to learn the ropes.

Comments… anyone?

I have one question. Can you bind? If yes, get it and you will be there in no time. If you can’t bind, I would get thick lube with the speeder. Also, the Speeder is a yoyo that is quite fast and fun. You won’t be disappointed.

I am learning to bind. haha. I already have thick lube for my use in learning 2A with my raider ex’s. What about shims? Do shims work with the speeder?

Yes. But you probably won’t need them. ;D

Shims work for the speeder, but all they do is increase that gap width. It is already big enough, and speeders are good enough stock. For me, shims make speeder binds slip.

Also, befoer you get the speeder, you might wanna try it out before buying it, because some of them have terrible vibe.

To add on to RSmod, to try out one before you buy it, I think there is a spinworks in Singapore?

Ask RS. Hes that man there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some people say that the Speeder cracks easily, but to be honest, it cracks just as eaqsily as any other metal-rimmed (not New Breed). My friend ddid around the world with it, the string snapped and the yoyo got some serious air, bounced on the clay roof and down to the pavement. It had no significant vibe and no cracks at all after the stunt. It had some deep scratches though.

As all the others have said, it will probably come unresponsive so you hgave to either learn binding or buy thick lube. Spinworkx is located in Singapore, and Singapore isn’t that big, so try to talk ro the guys over ther. They know what they are talking about.

It comes responsive.

Yeah, but its only a matter of time before he needs to start binding.

Off topic: Yeah, singapore is really small. No matter where you live in SG, you can’t possibly be more than 20+ km away from it. Singapores that small.

That depends. My friend got his Speeder unresponsive. I have a theory that the lube dries out when the yoyo is in stock. This means that some yoyos come unresponsive and some don’t.

Addment: I still need a scientific confirmation on that theory.

I think it might have been before they changed the bearings. It’s probably unresponsive now.

hey guys, thanks for the feedback.

i guess i’d try out the speeder first before getting it, and also before getting the shims.

Any tips for binding? i’ve watched andre’s tutorial but I’m still not really clear about it. I’m focusing more on learning the side bind as I’ve read around that it’s better then the bind using the front mount.

also, I’m thinking of 3 colours for my speeder. clear, blue, and clear blue. Will the white or clear blue make it hard to see the gap because of the transparency/translucency? My friend has had such problems aiming the string to get into the gap with his clear rimmed yomega raider. I’m asking this because my preference is clear blue, followed by clear, then opaque blue.

thanks (:


no need to bump a post after an hour. And I don’t think clear plastic will do any harm. I actually don’t care too much about the color on my yoyos. I just prefer to not use black as black isn’t really colorful.

Clear plastic probably wouldn’t be too hard to see the bearing with. I mean, the bearing is silver, and it would probably stick out in contrast to the clear. I would get clear blue instead of clear though. But that’s just my preference.

Actually, I would go with a non clear yoyo to see the gap because the clear will confuse you and bend the light so the gap is a little harder to see when yoyoing.

And also, I think spinworkx does not sell clear Speeders. According to the website(I had no time to go there), the only clear Speeders they sell are the spingear exclusive version and it has been sold out.

Who knows. Spinworkx doesn’t put all of their yoyos online, they will always leave some stock in the shop. They don’t just sell everything they have, some of the stuff you need to go to the shop.