Hi All,

Ok so I’ve just got a YoYoJam Speeder. I’m a beginner and perhaps that was my first mistake but I’m going to roll with it and hope I improve. I can do most of the beginner section now just after a couple of hours YoYoing.

So on the breakaway I’m finding the string to tighten uncomfortably (and become sore) around my middle finder when the yoyo is caught back in my hand. Any suggestions?

I’m also finding the yoyo to not respond many times when I throw a sleeper. I tug the string and the yo yo just jumps and carries on spinning?? I get this happen with ‘Pop the Clutch’ so I can’t yet even do that trick. Should I be looking to buy a beginner yoyo or shall I press on? Thanks. Jon.

good beginner yoyo speeder

Pop the Clutch and some of those tricks won’t be used much if at all as you progress but if you really want to learn them you will either need to tighten the gap on the Speeder all the way, apply some thick lube, or get a more beginner yoyo. The Speeder is good, but it is for unresponsive play and requires a bind (usually) to get it to come back to the hand.

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Yes you will have some finger pain. You will eventually get a callous and it will go away. You can use medical/athletic tape, but this is like French kids and blue cheese. You have to force it down their throat for some time before they really like it.

Addment: Not meant to offend any Frenchmen.

yeah sometimes my finger bleeds no i move it to my knucle

OK, first, the Speeder is an unresponsive yoyo, and requires a bind…  ( not me )
I personally recommend a Mosquito to learn the basic tricks.
And on the hurt finger, over time it won’t hurt, you will just get use to it. try tightening it so that it doesn’t slide around and burn your finger, or loosen it if it is hurting because it is making an indention in your finger. try to put something on your finger ( such as atheletes tape) if it bothers you too much. Hope I helped!

Thanks team,

I guess I’ll learn the bind then whilst pushing through the pain.

if it hurts that much you can but a fabric plaster on and anyway if you where it on your knuckle, if your not already, it wont hurt because there’s not fatty bits in your finger for it to hurt, its just bone!

There isn’t just bone in your fingers and even if that was all, your skin could still hurt.

no i mean in your knuckle because there is a very marginal amount of fat on that bit of your finger

Ha ok. Yes your skin has nerve fibers too. Otherwise you could stab yourself through your skin and not feel anything.

in my first month of yo yoing i used a white racquetball glove.

works wonders, unfortunately, i was nicknamed “michael jackson”

I recommend buying a beginner yoyo, because the Speeder is made to be unresponsive. Some yoyos are responsive, some are not. You can’t do pop the clutch with a Speeder, because, like I said, it is unresponsive. You could either buy a responsive yoyo, like a Mosquito or something, or you could skip the responsive tricks and go to the unresponsive tricks. Most of the tricks on here are unresponsive, so the Speeder is a great yoyo for that. I have a Speeder, and I love it. As for the glove, it will not really stop the yoyo from tightening around your finger. But it will help with string burns.

It’ll hurt for awhile. After that you’ll get used it or something and it won’t hurt anymore.

When i first started playing with heavier yoyos i felt the string was too tight and the yoyo to heavy. now im used to it and it feels like just another yoyo.

as for the yoyo coming back, many yoyo’s require a bind. here’s how to:

btw, now i do binds even when i dont have to. its just grown onto me THAT much xD

Same here. I even do it on my Yomega Brains ha.