How to remove light scratches and misc questions.

I’ve got a couple of light scratches (not deep) on my yyj speeder. Does this affect the performance of the yoyo? and just wondering if they’re any ways to remove the scratches and make it look as good as new (smooth, shiny and all).

couple of misc questions…
my speeder comes with the double o-ring response, and sometimes i’m able to pull it up without a bind, and i dont find it very good for slack tricks like plastic whip and lacerations. I’m actually still on the intermediate - advanced part 1 stage of tricks, so when’s a good time to change one side, or both, to silicon? btw i’m using the speeder on its tightest gap setting, but i’ve got a pair of 0.5mm shims though, and i’m not an expert on binding yet.


Well, if the scratches don’t bother you(discomfort while holding/catching, etc.) then there’s no need to worry. If you want to make it look brand-spanking new, then you could try to polish it, but I don’t know how. I’ll leave others to help you with that.

The speeder might be a bit responsive because you have the gap way too tight. Try loosening it a tiny bit. Then try it out. Keep loosening it a little bit at a time until you’re comfortable with the responsiveness. Use the shims only if you hate having to readjust the gap(just like me :P) every now and then.

And I suggest you practice your binds. The Speeder is made to be really unresponsive, and a good bind gets it back without a problem.

As catorameus said, if the scratches don’t hurt you then they aren’t hurting anything with the yoyo or its playability. I suggest taking some 0000 steel wool to polish them up if you really want that. Its like using 3000 grit sand paper. Super smooth.

On to the responsive problem. How long you have had thei yoyo will determine if you need to clean the bearing. You may have gotten a small piece of hair in it or something else that is causing this. You can clean it and use a very small amount of thin lube to create a totally unresponsive bearing.
I would try that before you go changing the response.

Keep the shims in. This way you don’t need to constantly adjust the gap.

If you clean and lightly lube the bearing (I mean a very small amount of lube too) and you are still having trouble then you can either shave one o-ring down or just take it out and replace it.
Th4e cool thing is about YYJ yoyo’s is you can tune them to your liking. You can silicone both sides or shave the o-rings of do a half and half response. I still think its your bearing though. The bearing is the first thing that causes response issues. After that then look at the response area for more tuning.

Ask more questions. We’ll answer more questions!

The scratches sometime can affect the play, but usually not and you’ll be fine with them in there. If you want, you can you can satin it. This would somewhat remove them.

If you have it tightened all the way, whether you have shims or not, it will be somewhat responsive. If you have silicone, it won’t hurt to silicone it.

My old speeder had both o-rings in it and a cleaned bearing and was as unresponsive as an 888 or 5*. It was tightened all the way with no shims.