speeder responsiveness....help please

Hello, i have recently gotten a speeder and started playing with it. i liked it at first and was waiting for the bearing to wear in and what not… its waaaay too responsive! I have shaved down the O-ring and switched the bearings with my lyn fury(which is unresponsive with a well broken in bearing). the lyn fury is still unresponsive with the un-broken-in speeder yoyo and the speeder remains a bit too responsive for me. im not sure what to do. should i try out shimms or go for another yoyo? i was thinking about the Hitman, DM, and X-Convict. suggestions? I would love to get the speeder unresponsive tho so that my $45 wasn’t down the drain… please help. thanks in advance :smiley:

well its not going down the drain your investing it in a arguably better yoyo. As far as the speeder goes try two thick shims (red)

The speeder doesn’t really except more than one medium shim. trust me, i have one and have tried.

You could try K-pads and a center trac bearing. That would make it dead unresponsive. But stock the speeder is a responsive yoyo. I would try k-pads and a center trac if i where you.

silicone one half. center track. other than that, i would say play responsive for a while. it really smooths out your playing. i love playing responsive, and if i didn’t love grinds and hooks, i would do it more.

I have a few o-ring yoyo’s. The O-rings play a minor part in the responsiveness. The bearing is what causes the string to wrap up enough to grab the response. Try cleaning your bearing if you want unresponsive play. Siliconing will only make it to where you can have more string layers on the bearing. It’s not a bad idea either.

Washing the bearing, siliconing the yoyo and adding shim. When I got my speeder it came unresponsive out of the box, try those mod and see if the make it unresponsive.