Hi I have a speeder and need it to be less responsive,what should I do? Btw I loosened the gap and the string keeps falling of the bearing Plz help

Get some Yoyojam thin lube. they sell it here…

Or, just clean or break in the bearing.

yea you can clean a bearing two ways the simple way or the elaborate way. the simple way is to simply drop your bearing in some lighter fluid, 100% alcohol or mineral spirits. also i hear from samad that if its a stainless steel bearing that you can just use soap and water. there is the complicated way to. rather than exsplan it to you heres a vid.

other than that you can shave down the O-ring. to do this just take some sand paper to the O-ring or the star burst. what i found is that you can use a nail file on it and it works great. also what string size do you have? if you don’t have size 6 try it out. well later.
keep it spinning

I recommend for you to break in your bearing or alternatively, clean the bearing as others have already said. And if the string is slipping off the bearing when you loosen the gap, you have loosened it too much.

Hi, you can also try a silicone mod for your Speeder if you want to make it a bit more unresponsive. Just take the o-ring out and replace the groove with flowable silicone sealant. There are videos on youtube if you need instructions but it’s pretty straightforward. I did this a while back with one of my old YYJ’s and it significantly reduced the response. As everyone else said, breaking in the bearing helps out a lot too.