[Help]Unresponsive YoYo became responsive

Hello everyone, first of all I would like to apologize if this have been asked before because I tried searching but to no avail hence this topic.
Anyway, my concern is that my supposedly unresponsive Speedaholic became responsive after I open it up to untied the tangled string on the bearing. Before I started damaging the YoYo further by doing silly things on it due to my inexperience, I would like to ask for the proper way to fix it from the experienced throwers here. Any input is very well appreciated, thanks in advance and pardon my grammatical error (If any), English is not my first language. Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Play with it a little and in a day it should be ok if not come back and say what happened

A friend suggested to soak the bearing in Zippo Lighter Fluid for 3-5 minutes and let it dry before reapplying it, any thought on this method? I have yet to buy a Zippo :v

if you lube it after, its ok but if you dont it will break the bearing

Hi Friend. Here we use kerosene, gasoline, isopropyl alcohol, zippo fluid, and other. I put the bearing in a pot with lid and shake, then leave to rest for half an hour, dry before reapplying.

Is the string on the bearing? When you untangled the string it could’ve gone into the side. Look in the side of the bearing, is there anything noticeable in the sides?
You could try washing the bearing, that is usually the reason why throws become responsive.

Nope, I removed the string and reattached so it is not stuck on the side. I’m soaking the bearing in Zippo now though.

Edit It’s fixed now, but it’s sleep time still suck :smiley:

If you clean the bearing in anything like lighter fluid or acetone you need to apply a drop of thin lube after or it will just ruin the bearing. This could be why the sleep time isn’t great now.

Some advice for the future:
If the bearing stops working in the first few hours of play it is probably just the bearing breaking in. This is common and the best solution is to just play with it more. A great trick that we recommend to help break in your bearings is gyroscopic flop - It stresses the bearing on all sides and really helps with break in time. After a few hours of play the bearing should go back to normal, if it does not then we would recommend cleaning it.

Always feel free to contact us with any maintenance questions at contact@yoyoexpert.com