hectic responsive..?

i got a hectic in the mystery box…it worked good for a while and for like the last month its been really! responsive… ive lubed it and put a new string on but no difference… how do i fix it?

Check the bearing seat, lube the bearing with thin lube, wait PATIENTLY for it to break in, and it will be unresponsive eventually.

ok ill try it tommarow and see if its better

Or you could clean the bearing and sparingly lube it.
Lube makes them responsive, not spin longer.

Make sure the area under the bearing is clean, use alchohol . Take the bearing and spin it on a pencil, it should spin 6 to 10 turns. If it does not spin free, take it apart , put in a contaimer (film canister) with paint thinner, shake it well, dry it on a paper towel. ,spin it .Don’t need oil, if you think it’s too dry use very little… You don’t need the dust caps. If it still spins poorly buy a yyf bearing. They are great. Also I have been using flowable silycon, it works great with polyester string.