Is my yoyo expose to be responsive after cleanning and lube

Use: order less mineral spirit , yyf performance lube

Any lube will slow the bearing down and may make the yoyo more responsive for a while because of it. It will break down with play.

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Well if you put a good bit of lube (A drop or two) it’ll be responsive for a while until you break it in some (Few hours of play).

I suggest to lube it by putting some lube of a needle tip and putting it around the bearing balls. You may need to put lube on the needle a few times but it helps make sure you don’t get too much.

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Sorry to hijack a bit:

I’ve seen a tonne of threads with this advice, but I can’t make my bearing responsive again. :wink: The opposite of what the OP wants! Drenched the bearing with lube (didn’t have thick, so I used thin but tried to make up for it with volume)… I still have a very unresponsive bearing.

Use a thicker lube, some gun lube that you can probably get at walmart is nice and thick, CLP specifically (cleaner, lubricant, protectent).

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In response to Gregp not the op

Thanks, TP. That’s what I was afraid of. I have some “response” lube on order!

unscented baby oil (mineral oil) works as thick lube too! can buy at walgreens or any other drugstore! :smiley:

Seems nobody really ascertained whether the OP even wanted his bearing to be responsive or not? He asked ‘if’ his bearing was supposed to be responsive after a clean and lube. He never actually said it was
Or wasn’t.

He didn’t say it’s current level of responsiveness.

He could have more effectively and accurately worded his question so it would actually ‘be’ a question that identied the appropriate response.

But since his sentence forming is about as butchered as my use of punctuation; I guess that wasn’t going to happen; lololol.

Also, I may be wrong on this, but I thought both YYJ lubes called Performane lubes? If that is correct, then the Cake King did not mention if he used the thin or thick lube.

You can’t solve a problem without stating the problem.

Maybe the Cake man can reply with his actual current situation.

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American education system hard at work ?
Call me crazy I would think a 12 yr old would at the very least know that expose, and supposed are not interchangeable.
And then it gets better, 6 - 7 people post, including one adult, and no one even mentions it, more of that awesome American education shining through ?
So freaking sad, seriously its depressing to see such blatant stupidity practically encouraged, no doubt from people who think they are pretty darn smart.

For thick lube, to make a bearing responsive, you can use VASELINE, or PETROLEUM JELLY, both work great. Simply work a bit into the side of the bearing, you can even leave the shields on.


I’d say the reason no one but you mentioned it is because there really is nothing to gain by insulting them.

You don’t know this user. English may not be his/her first language. He/she may be a child. They may be using a phone with errant autocorrect. Pretty presumptuous to turn this into an indictment of the American education system.

I could understand the question just fine and I decided to help. If it had bothered me this much I’d probably have just moved on rather than rail a stranger’s grammar and syntax on a public forum. Maybe they don’t teach that in Canada.


Well said. For several years I was an English teacher. It’s not about whether we noticed or not, but about what could possibly have been gained by picking nits when the meaning was (I thought) pretty clear.