i need help making some of my yoyos unresponsive and i siliconed the yoyo and cleaned the bearing pretty well too but i still cant make my yoyos unresponsive for some reason any tips? Yoyos:Speeder 2 and Dark Magic 2

Are you using the large bearing? Did you clean it the proper way?

Yeah, put the speed bearing in. It will make the yoyo unresponsive.

Both the DMII and Speeder 2 should be unresponsive with a cleaned Speed Bearing installed.

If you siliconed it, it’s possible you used too much silicone. Regular play will slowly wear down the response or you can try rubbing down the silicone with some denim (you can use some jeans to do this).

Already am using the speed bearing

What if any lube did you use? Chances are you don’t need any. Play it for a few hours to break it in.

If the yoyo sleeps for a long time it’s not a bearing problem.

With that in mind…

Did you remove the excess silicone? Did you remove any silicone that got in the bearing seat? Silicone should usually be even or slightly under the response groove in most cases.