Starting a dead yoyo, binds, frustration

I just purchased my first yoyo in 45 years. It is a Dark Magic II, nothing like what I used as a kid. Think up and down, up and down…

Tired of winding the yoyo I have been trying to start it using the different methods in the videos. Along with this it looks like I would need to bind too. I just can’t get close to doing this.

So, is this yoyo capable (it came with 2 bearings, I have been trying with the one that you can see the bearings)? Is there a better yoyo to learn these tricks with?

I realize that most likely the problem is me.

thanks in advance

Yeah the problem is on your side of the string.

At this point make sure you are using the thinner bearing. It will help a lot.
Lube is your friend with lube the yoyo will respond like an older yoyo.
So this is what I would do. I would install the bearing that is thinner and make sure it is lubed well with a thick lube, think more like greese rather then something thin.
With that set up it should have good spin times (compared to your old school fixed axle yoyos.) But also respond with a small tug. Good luck.