Starting 5a and 4a. IDK which yoyos to buy???

Ok i have no idea which yoyos to buy for 4a and 5a heres what i was thinking, tell me if im wrong or right.

3.Hayabussa SL
4.Throw monkey

1.Lyn Fury
4.Pocket Change

In my preferences I think that you’ll really love the PGM and Legacy for 5A, and for 4A, the Fiesta and BigYo. IMO

those will work. for 5a i use my pgm and my old beaten maverick. i am starting 5a soon and just ordered a hayabusa sl. i would get the hayabusa sl just cause of the rubber rims, but the fiesta is a good bet too

One of my friends had told me that he loved his LF for 5a and has i nice vid on it. (England1414) ;D
but ill definatley consider buying a white fiesta

I wouldn’t get a yoyo for the rubber rims, the Fiesta is just as sturdy without them.


get a fhz and silicone it when it comes >:D

That wasn’t an option, and you need a lathe, and have to make the recess deep enough to make the silicone work.

fiesta and for 5a maybe the LF or legacy but try the fhz (if you can manage to sil it)

yeah no of course. i just got it cause i was starting and i thought the hayabusa was a good starter for me

OK. But never buy a 4A yoyo because it has rubber rims.

Fiesta for 4a and legacy for 5a.

I believe the Big yo is good for someone starting 4A because of the huge gap. For 5A, the PGM v2 is a great choice. Also, just throwing this out here, the Die Nasty might be good for 5A, seeing as it was designed for it.

I like a responsive speeder for 4a, and a Lyn for 5A. But thats just me.

Get bigyo for 4a and pgm or legacy for 5a




anything else is great

I’ve used a fiesta, and it completely blows…

EVERYTHING ELSE OUT OF THE WATER! . Best ever, imo. Sleeps for like a minute on a normal throw, it’s the perfect size (for me :P) and makes binds perfect. Tech and whip catches are way easier to learn and perform on this.

I really like the Fiesta and Griffin wing for 4A

If you have not heard of the Griffin wing here’s a video of some one using it.

Haha. You could always use your protostar for 5A if you don’t want to buy a new throw, but it’s all your opinion and all.