4A yoyo?

Hello, i really want to try 4a as,from what i can see, it is a very fun play style, and i have a few questions.
1.I am wondering if it would be a good idea to get a Feista/Bigyo?
2.Or just try and find a cheap yoyo from Toys-R-Us?If it is a good idea, which one should i get?
3.Also, a little offtopic, for regular 1A play, what would be a good yoyo to start off with? Im willing to learn how to bind, it seems simple enough, so response doesnt matter.

What yoyo do you currently have?

Only yoyos i get at toys-r-us. The Pocket pros zombie, and the 2010FH2(i think thats what its called). I want to buy one online, but i dont know what one.

I would get a ProtoStar. And a good offstring yoyo for you would be a BigYo IMO. :wink:

There are reviews on the Bigyo and the fiesta. They’ll definitely place you on the right track on which yoyo you want.

Umm, I’m not too familiar with yoyos from toys r us.

Yoyojam plastics are good starters.

Yeah. I also highly recommend Yoyojam plastics. And when you advance, you can clean the bearing, and it will be unresponsive and can handle longer combos.

Are there any yoyojam plastics in specific that you would recomend?

Fiesta is so good!
I have one and it is very easy to learn with.
I suggest getting it.

For 4a, yes, a bigyo and fiesta would both be good choices. I haven’t had a fiesta, but the bigyo is good for 4a.
For 1a, get a legacy. It’s the best.

4a: Fiesta.

1a YYJ plastics: Kickside, Speedmaker, Legacy, Journey, Lyn Fury.

Or if your willing to spend a little more, Dark Magic, Black Knight, Hitman, Speeder, New Breed, Atmosphere, Revolution, X-ConVict, Sigma Blade Zwei, Mini-Motu, Mini-Motrix.

Allright, so ive decided to get the fiesta. Ive narrowed down my 1a yoyo to either the legacy or the protostar. They both seem good, and the legacy is cheaper. Are there any major difforences between the two? Or should i just get the legacy.

Get the legacy. It’s cheaper AND better, but that’s just my opinion

protostar is better than the legacy by far imo

good choice with the fiesta…it was my first 4a yoyo, and its pretty awesome. i personally would go with the legacy

well… Opinions aren’t near as good as fact, and it a fact that the legacy is pure awesomeness.

i thought opinions didnt matter

That means you haven’t tried a ProtoStar before.

I own a protostar.