So I decided not to do 2A right now. So now I was wondering which 5A yoyo to get. I have looked into the yyj go big I thing it was. But I just wanted some other opinions.

IMO, nearly all metals work well. Just try and use what you have for now unless you want to make Abigail investment.

The Go Big is 4A yoyo, definetly not good for 5A. Ive heard great things about the Destiny, and I use a Northstar with a Spin Top button I use for 5A. A lot of people use the Genesis. If you are willing to hunt one down and shell out the cash the Code2 seems like a dream 5A yoyo. I threw one playing 1A and it felt like it was begging for a counterweight

I am so stupid! >:( I TOTALY meant 4a

haha it’s okay, we all make mistakes

if you’re looking for a great beginner 4a yoyo, I’d highly recommend either a gobig, or a fiesta xx.
I find that the fiesta is better for more complex, intricate tricks, whereas the gobig is better for crazy catches and returns and what not. it’s basically suited perfectly for ben’s style.

a big yo is an okay choice, but it can be a little snaggy at times if you keep in the stock o-ring response. plus it doesn’t sleep particularly long.
of the 4a yoyos I’ve tried, I would say the gobig is probably best suited for beginners. rubber rims make it durable, and a slim bearing makes it responsive when you want it to be.

OK, so I go advising you on 2A and you figure you’ll say “naw, to heck with it, I’mg going 4A”.

I am gonna side with Dynikus on this one. Definitely the GoBig or the Fiesta XX. Of the two, I like the Fiesta XX. I also have a Big Yo. This is easy to catch, durable, fun but the spin times aren’t that great, in part due to the silicone rings used as a response system.

I bought a used Aquarius from Dynikus specifically to be used as a beater to learn 4A. It works great! I was throwing that, then I started throwing my Fiesta XX.

I also have a clear Hayabusa that I modifed by dropping a set of the Shinwoo LED light-up kits in there, as well as bought a red Shinwoo Griffin Wing. The Hayabusa is a squashy little thow, while the Griffin Wing is better shaped, but the caps keep popping out when it bounces off a hard surface(say, a tile floor).

I also played a RExtreme. Really nice but I can’t justify spending that much on an off-string for now. The Fiesta XX is perfect as it recently had a price drop, making it really the best value for your money. I do like the GoBig a lot. However, as I stated early on, the Fiesta XX is the best in my opinion.

Let me save you some time:

For 5A, I really a enjoying using my Die-Nasty for that. I also have a FH2 and a FHZ set up for 5A as well. I am planning to get a YY Pinnacle and a Dynasty when I get better.

3A: I bought a pair of Shinwoo Techno 2’s for 3A. I also have a pair of black RecRev Sharps in black but I don’t think I want those banging into each other for 3A. I also now have a set of DM2’s, that might be something I might try for 3A at some point in time.

Thanks guys. This really helped. And thanks studio for the additional advice. I think i am going to go with the go big, but i am not sure. Thanks again ;D

It’s a matter of preferences. If cost is a factor, Fiesta XX all the way. Plus, that guy wins more competitions with it AND it’s way cheaper and I like the feel better.

Nothing against the Go Big. The rubber rims avoid damage.

Either way for learning, I still feel the Fiesta XX is a better choice. It’s also a bit larger.

Either way, you’ve got good choices. Have fun!

I just started 4a, got a Fiesta XX, loving it.

I think i am gonna go with the fiesta. One more thing, how much is yye"s shipping?

Assemble your order and then enter your ZIP code and YYE will give you the exact price using Priority mail. You may wish to discuss first class postage with them for a single item order. They’ll shove it in a padded mailer and away it goes at maybe a better rate with probably similar delivery times.

In fact, email or call customer service ASAP with what you want(be complete in your order, I always order strings) and your ZIP and how you want to have it shipped(say, First class) and see what they say. Customer service tends to get back very fast.

What email do I use? And can I ask them for something and then tell them that I dont want a certain item?

I just ordered my fiesta ;D can’t wait till it comes. I got it with first class shipping and was wondering how long that took?

There’s the link to email them at the bottom of every page. Or you can use the contact information link at the top of nearly every page.