Starting 4A


So hey i am starting 4A and i am thinking on getting the Go Big. I really like Ben’s style and his open whips and regens, and i think i will like that style too. So, hows the go big? How does it feel? Shape and comfort? thanks


If you like it, it’s great. If you don’t, it sucks. Simple as that.

The GoBig feels like a re-engineered Aquarius, which is fine, that’s one of my favorites. Stable, spins a good long time, comes with a thin bearing, bounces good. It’s designed around Ben Conde’s playing style that while is not slacking on the technical, is designed for the “big tricks” for maximum audience wow. The rubber rims help with bounce type tricks.

The Fiesta XX, which I personally prefer, is made for more technical tricks, is a bit larger, uses a standard C bearing(most of which is covered by the bearing gap) and is more for for technical tricks.

Either are winners. Great for starting, great for competing. Can’t go wrong either way.