Starter yoyo

(Cinimod105) #1

Hi, I have a friend here who is interested in joining yoyoing, so I intend to purchase a starter yoyo for him. I am deciding between the YYJ Classic and the Prelude. I have neither of these, so I wanted to ask, for people who have tried it, what is the main difference between these two yoyos, with respect to a beginner?


I have never thrown a prelude, but the classic is truly amazing. Stock it is the best responsive yoyo I have ever played. With YYJ silicone response pads and a nice full sized C bearing it can keep up with the big boys.


classic for sure!



If you want to upgrade it, any SPEC bearing and optional silicone or YYJ o-ring response pads.


Duncan Butterfly


I hope you’re joking. I’m assuming you are. I would also go with the classic because its responsive and unresponsive. I use a PSG to teach my friends.