starter yoyo?


so my friend wants to get a yoyo to play with me, he threw me a 20 and said get what ever. The kid is the most uncoordinated person i have ever met in my life. I’m pretty sure he hit the wall with my atmosphere 3x trying to throw a sleeper. So i need something that is pretty rugged. I was thinking of a velocity since its in his price range and has the adjustable gap. do you guys have any suggestions?


it is celecon really hard to break
ir is responsive and can be unresponsive(i use shims)

speed maker would be good
same with velocity

(_|@<06) #3

Kicksides are really tough, or maybe a lyn. lyns are more responsive and they are just great all around, thanks for spreading our sport!


i thought lyns where a little unresponsive

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in my opinion, since the lyn has double o ring response, while the kickside has hybrid, the lyn is more responsive with a thick lubed bearing. but thats just my experience, i dont know about your guys’ experiences

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The kids I teach at my yo-yo club really like Duncan Dragonfly’s, Mosquito’s, and Flying Squirrel’s. All of which are cheap but good starter yo-yos. I personally like the Dragonfly’s better.