need help NOW

im geeting a yoyo for my friend (bieggner) what should i get

Is he a beginner for unresponsive, or beginner as in never thrown a yoyo before?

a bieginner for responsive

If he’s completely new, get him something really basic like a Duncan Imperial, Ducan Mosquito or something around those lines.

A bit more advanced throws:
Kickside, Lyn Fury, Speedmaker. Binding wont be a problem if you teach him how to.

The mosquito is a good yoyo that is cheap, fun and will take him a long way. He can also take out one of the response stickers and widen the gap with spacers.

Probably Mosquito if he’s so new.

i started my freinds with kicksides and lyns

My friends and I started on a Bi-metal, but you should be fine w/ the One when it comes out.

and i started on a DM2 ::slight_smile:


I would highly recommend going to Walgreens and picking up a Peterfish Luminator. Cheap and amazing yoyo. I keep one in my car at all times in case of emergency. :stuck_out_tongue:

I recommend you a KickSide, good beginner responsive yoyo. If you want it unresponsive, just put some spacer, silicone it and it will become unresponsive.

If not Mosquito is too begginer, Lyn Fury or Journey.

hmm well if u wanna get more expensiver than get a velocity fully adjustible

YYF Velocity. you can change the dials to be responsive, and when he or she gets better you can change the dials to make the yoyo unresponsive.

The One is basically a kickside which I would recommend over it.

I started with my old raider, I moved to a Mosquito because I also wanted to learn basic looping stuff as well. Which you kind of can do. I didn’t even know about unresponsive play though. I guess it depends on how much You want to spend as well as how far you expect ten to take their skill.

These yoyos are actually really nice. An AWESOME deal for like $5, (or whatever the exact cost is, I don’t remember.)

I also love the Shinwoo Phantom. I can do just about anything on those that I can do on my high end metals. (please note the “just about”).

I find that after let people use my high end metals, the CANNOT go down to using one of the above listed yoyos (or other similar ones). If you have let them throw something nice, then you may be doomed to let them borrow one of yours. (That is, until you can get them a better one than they tried before. I have to search the b/s/t’s to find deals for the friends who have borrowed my other yoyos.)