yoyo for an eight year old

ok so im looking for a yoyo for my sister can anyone suggest a yoyo for a COMPLETE noob

Yoyofactory FAST 201, Duncan Butterfly, Duncan Mosquito, Yomega Powerbrain XP, Yomega Saber Raider, Yoyojam Dark Magic, Yoyojam Legacy, Yoyofactory Velocity, there are plenty to choose from :smiley:

I don’t think anything unresponsive would be good. I’de say a kickside.

I would say Velocity because it gives an assured responsive set up and when she gets good, you can set it to unresponsive.


Fast 201 or Velocity

I would recommend some kind of very responsive yoyo.
Probably a basic one like duncan butterfly, duncan imperial, duncan profly, something along those lines.

Duncan Mosquito 8) Great shape, I learned on one, can do most of the basic tricks plus it isnt expenssive so if she doesnt get into it, it wont be a huge setback on funds. I bought mine at walmart. The dragonfly is also one of my favorite Duncan plastics can be bought at toys r us. But ayything thats responsive is fine but I wouldnt get anything over 20$ in case she doesnt like it. My sister bought like every yoyo at walmart and now she wont use them or let me use them.

I have an 8 year old son. I’d say the velocity.

velocity and I’m 9 and i have a superstar

oxygen ti it would be a great noob yoyo jk a fhz would be good