Start Here (Buyer Guide)

All of this information is not just my opinion but multiple members from multiple forums and from real life use of the lyn fury. The grand total for all that is below is $40, rounded up not counting an optional item later on when needed. Before you go wow that is allot of money think about what you would spend to play a sport, skate, music, game, etc. This is a hobby and compared to most very cheap to start up.

If you must make the price cheaper get the lyn and then buy a 25 pack of strings making the total a little over $21 and buy the rest when you can.

YYJ Lyn Fury - $15
This yoyo has a good shape, weight and gap for someone starting out. It is able to spin long enough once cleaned to be able to complete even master level tricks on this site. With proper cleaning and silicon it can turn 100% unresponsive.

100 count 100% poly strings - $13
The reason for the string is that you will need to change it allot when you first start out and if you keep going you won’t want to have to order more. The next step down is 25 which is not enough if you give yoyoing a real shot before you quit.

Flowable Silicon - $6
The reason for it is to make your response system better when your inbuilt one wears out and or you want to start binding / doing advance string tricks.

YYJ Thin Lube - $5
This is optional and will not be need for weeks / months
You should clean the bearing when you get a chance to go to the store and pick up some mineral spirits($8-12 depending on where you get it).
***Doing so will make it unresponsive or very close to it make sure you can bind.***

The lyn fury is really good, however, i think the Legacy or Legacy II is a better starter choice. Instead of getting 100 strings, just get 25. It lowers the total, and for a beginner, it’s enough. It’s not like they will know the appropriate time to change strings anyways. No need to spend a ton on something you don’t know if you like yet. The Legacy II is a better starter because it comes with a slim bearing as well as a regular size C Speed bearing. This is perfect because beginners can learn beginner string tricks that don’t require a bind, and then swap out bearings for complete unresponsive play when they’re ready. I’d also say not to get the silicone, but instead a YYF multitool. You’ll need it to change bearings, and it’s helpful to have. Beginners don’t really need silicone, the stock response pads will last through their beginner phase.

Just my two cents. I think Studio will probably have something to say as well.

Just a couple things to what you said. I know when I started and multiple other people (from poth and RL) that beginners seem to change strings to often rather than the other way around. I do agree that if you bump up the price that is the ideal choice for a beginner but this was made for a complete package that can last. The other thing is to if you are truly going to give something a real shot it should take you longer than a couple weeks (about a month) of trying it before you call it quits. So though 25 strings would work for that time frame it seems most of the people that get into it now are not stopping and I did make the option known.

As for the response I might need to add a disclaimer just like with the lube, but the o rings truly don’t last long at all as I have owned multiple lyn fury’s. The muti-tool is a waste of money, your better off with a needle and a pair of scissors this will get your bearing lubed, knots out and string cut.

My brother is a beginner, and he ordered 5 strings with his dark magic II. It’s now 3 months later, and he’s on his fourth string. I don’t see your point in ordering 100. And beginners don’t know when response pads start to fail. The o-rings in his Dark Magic II have lasted him all this time as well, with no problems. The multitool is needed because with two bearings, you need a bearing puller to remove one when you want to switch. And it’s handy to have around, in case you’re somewhere where scissors and needles aren’t readily available or practical.