Beginning yoyo help


I have recently gotten back in to yoyoing after a long time off. I was really enjoying it but I need to pick up some basics. I’m looking to spend about $50-$60 on a order in the next couple weeks. I want to order strings, lube, and a Yoyo or two. I don’t have any idea what my preferences are in terms of shape or weight. As it stands my current order would be:

100 pk of poly strings (white because they are a little cheaper and I’m not worried about colored strings)
25 pk of 50/50 strings
YYJ Classic
YYJ Thick and Thin lube
KonKave Bearing (currently on sale and the YYJ Speed bearing is Out of Stock)

Currently my order stands at about $45 so I’m looking to either cut down on some of the stuff i don’t need or pick up an other throw for under 15 with a different style than the classic. I have learned how to bind. Any info is helpful.
Thank you

You have a good list, but I would do it a little differently.

My thought is you don’t need that much string to start. The basic poly tends to wear out faster for me and I just prefer the variety of offerings from Twisted, Toxic, and YoYoStringLab. I still have some of my original order of 25 poly strings from when I started 18 months ago. My recommendation is to get a smaller pack of poly until you are ready to experiment with the other stuff.

I also am not a fan of the Classic. It really is one of the best made, smoothest, longest spinning plastics on the market, but it hits my hand funny and becomes uncomfortable to play after a while. I know I’m in the minority, but thats my opinion. I would recommend the Lyn Fury with flowable silicone instead.

Lastly you don’t need both thin and thick lube. If you can already bind, you’re going to be fine with thin. Consider the Terrapin dry lube too. I’ve been trying it out recently and really like the results so far.

Hope that’s helpful. Your experience may vary. I won’t be offended if you disagree with anything I suggest.

You don’t need all of that. Just get a 100 pack of Fat Kitty and a multi tool. Lube isn’t something needed, especially thick lube.
I’d reccomend the Capless if you don’t mind going a little over budget.

I’d get rid of the thick lube. You’re playing unresponsive, so no need for thick lube.

You may wish to either silicone or purchase a suitable response pad replacement for the Classic.

The 100 count of strings is fine, if you’re going to be rather serious about it.

KK bearing? Well, you can go with a One Drop 10 ball bearing if it saves you money.

I really like the Classic. Way awesome for $10, but it needs help to fully unleash its potential. Yes, new bearing and a different response.

From what I see, you might want to remove the thick lube, since you would be playing unresponsive. Thick Lube is usually used for looping. The stock Classic is responsive enough to learn the few basic tricks and moves. To further cut down on the price, you might also want to consider purchasing the YoYoExpert Bearing, instead of the Konkave. For learning purposes, a flat bearing would suffice. Since the YYJ speed bearing is out of stock, then the YoYoExpert Bearing would do the job.

Thanks for all the input I guess I was getting ahead of myself. I had the thick lube for when I eventually moved in to 2A and looping ill just order that when I get to that point.
Thank you for you input

Why don’t you just wait until you get into 2A and get the thick lube then? Sometimes it’s not necessary to plan ahead like that.

I would say go with the 100 count poly, the classic, Ann Connelly Whip (comes with concave bearing) and thin lube.
You get your two throws that way too.
Also check out the twisted trifecta bearing.


Also, I’d say that since you already know how to bind, just ditch the Classic and go for a PSG. It is only $3 more and a far superior performer than siliconed Classic. Get rid of the 50/50 string and thick lube, you can get them later together with your 2A yoyos.

If you really don’t care for the additional $3, then at least change it to an Ann Connolly WHiP.

I think the Whip is a great yoyo(either variation), but I feel is too light in general. While I do prefer heavier yoyos, this one is just plain too light. I see the Whip being a fantastic throw for helping work out issues, as well as just being a fun knock-around throw. Yeah, you can get serious with it, no question about it. My preferences for heavier though really bias me against this yoyo for these kind of recommendations.

I too like the heavier throws i was simply suggesting it based on the need for a bearing for the classic.

I looked at the option of getting the AC whip and using the bearing from there but it is also out of stock, seems to to a problem with ordering during the holiday season. So in terms of dropping the classic out would the alpha clash or legacy 2 be a better option it would work out to a little more than the classic and upgraded bearing.

I have no issues recommending the Legacy II. Great yoyo.

The PSG and Asteroid are great too if you can bind already.

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On topic. I’m loving my unresponsive Classic for its playability but hating it as it hits somewhat uncomforable in my hand. I actually thought I was the only one that felt this way since this is the first time mention I’ve heard, I believe pkb was the one who mentioned it. Don’t let this stop you from buying a Classic though. As I’ve said I love my Classic performance wise. I don’t like the YYJ pads though, they seem a bit slippy. I’d go for the YYF ones or flowable silicone.

The Ann Connolly Whip already has an updgraded bearing. As Studio42 said it is on the lighter weight spectrum, but for new or relatively new yoyoers I would suggest light throws, as the muscles need to adjust, and throwing a heavier throw would induce fatigue faster. It would end up to preference but for new yoyoers, I think the weight of the whip is fine. The shape also feels comfortable in hand by the way. I’d mention the stackless PGM(WHip with weight rings) but the AC Whip has a better bearing.

Also worth mentioning is the PSG, probably one of the most durable plastic throws today, relatively stable, comfortable in the hand, I think it feels lighter than the whip, slightly slippy response(not really that much, kind of tolerable and adjustable but I’d silicone it. not sure if some other pads fit).

I also have a One, but play-wise I prefer PSG, classic, whip or PGM.

I like using Fat Kitty for most of my throws, some seem to feel better with Normal Kitty. Since you’re relatively new, I’d suggest Fat Kitty for relatively easier binds.

Bearings are, hmm, for starters, whatever works works, but in time you will also develop your preferences for them. You have to try them to know. If the KK is on sale and you don’t mind go buy it, but I’ll suggest getting one of those OneDrop ten balls too, so you can compare which one you like.

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Back on topic:
I feel that with beginners, I strongly feel that responsive play is still the best way to start off. It builds confidence, provides instant gratification(most or less) and as a reulst, provides a solid starting platform. For my point of view, I always recommend responsive yoyos, or at least something that can change from responsive to unresponsive. I also try to keep budget in mind. I try to go no higher than a DM2, but am willing to entertain less expensive options, usually the Legacy II being a popular alternative until the Classic landed.

For newer throwers, I simply do not recommend light throws. New users need lots of spin time and they only way they get this is through mass/weight, which the DM2 does ideally. I still recall going from 5 seconds to 20 seconds to 45 seconds to a minute, 2 minutes, 3+ minutes of spin time. At first, new players ideally don’t need more than 20 seconds of spin time. Do the trick and bring it back. As they improve, everything else improves as well. It all builds.

The major hurdle for new players is the lack of wing-shaped unresponsive yoyos. I also don’t recommend lubing a bearing into being responsive because that just provides frustration to new users who don’t get doing maintenance. We’re constantly pushing new necessary skills upon them.

I won’t argue your observations and experiences. All the stuff you’ve mentioned is good stuff and for the most part people are going to agree with your assessments. I do.

As I said, the Classis is great, but users must do simple mods to take it to the next level. The Legacy II comes as a complete starter kit minus lube and extra string, which for a new user, may be much more appealing than having to buy a separate bearing and figure out if they want to replace the response or not.

Keep in mind, the wash-out rate for yoyo is unfortunately high. That’s why I try to get new people in on the cheap if I can. I want to minimize loss if it doesn’t work out, but if it does, minimize buy-in to leave more budget available for future purchases. I’m thinking like someone not fully committed, but interested, as well as a parent who may have to buy this stuff for their kid. To nearly all parents, we can’t fathom the prices of yoyos being over $20, but we can handle $20-35 no problem. After that, it just seems excessive and not worth it. Of course, I’m playing $100+ throws on a daily basis so I get it. I’m still connected to my newness to remember. I’m a parent so I get it, and I’m a thrower so I understand.

We also have to understand that new people often don’t really understand much. They know throw down, trick(s), tug bag. Bind? What’s that? Once a user can bind, at that point, I still recommend stuff above 64 grams, but at this point, the options open up due to that one skill: the bind.

All you really need is string and a yoyo. I personally run my bearings dry, and I’ve never had an issue with them dying. So a 100 pack of either yye poly of kitty strings, and a plastic yoyo would work fine. If you can bind, I’d say a protostar or northstar, classic, dm2, or a lot of other yoyos. Another choice would be going the used route. you can find some great stuff for cheap on the b/s/t.
like,51718.0/topicseen.html for example. The raptor is amazing for the price.

Studio42 hit the 42 part on the head the book was next to me when I was creating my account.
But I looks like just need to figure out which yoyo to get and I should be good to order. I have a lot of options and a lot of them seem to be based in personal preference so I’m just going to have to try some different yoyos and strings and see what I like.

Just addressing the lube:

If you skip the lube for now, there’s plenty of commonly available lubrication products, such as thin machine oil, that can work just fine. The odds are you won’t need it immediately, and the price can vary from less to more than what you’d get the YYJ thin lube from YYE.

I also recommend when buying accessories, to buy them when you order something else, such as a yoyo. Why? Well, you’re basically just consolidating shipping.