starlight :(


i split one side of my starlight half way in half today any mods u can do with the parts of a starlight now mine is unuseable


You can melt the plastic and make a castle… just kidding. IDK.


Use the good half as a door stop.


Your best bet may be to make a little money from it by selling it to a modder. They are always looking for parts.


Will YYF replace it?


Email YYF and see what they say. I had a northstar that cracked. I satined it and put a new bearing and it works great!


YYF or YYE doesn’t replace a yoyo that you broke completely. Cause if they did, YYE or YYF would have a risk of no profit at all.
Yes YYE and YYF do replace some yoyo’s depending on situation. But I highly doubt that this starlight would be replaced by YYE or YYF.


why not?


Let’s do a test:

100 people broke their YYF yoyo’s. Would YYF repair or replace them ALL for FREE? I don’t think so.


If it falls under the warranty, they will.


The starlite in this thread should be much over the warranty.


Shouldn’t matter if the issue is a defect of the product and not misuse or abuse of the product.


Skeleton, You should stop while you are behind. YYF has done stranger things. I’ve seen them replace a yoyo that was 6 months old. The splitting was a problem with a whole lot of their star line. I’ll bet you that they’d replace 300 if 300 broke. YYF isn’t a small time company. They do have the means to take a hit like that. They can easliy recover from it.


Demon8828: What are the circumstances of the yo-yo breaking? Did it break on its own? Did you step on it? What happened?