wobbling yoyo/Starlite mod/fix?

I have a starlite that wobbles in a really weird way. It wobbles and then spins normally and then wobbles then spins normally, and repeats. how often the pattern repeats depends on the speed it is spinning. I cant figure out why this happens but it is a really beat up yoyo.

I attached one side to a dv888 and tested it and it works fine, no vibe or wobble
i cant try the other side because theres a long axle attached but i think this side is the problem.

the yoyo is not off balanced and the two sides are parallel as far as i can tell.
the spacers that the bearing are suppose to lock on doesnt keep the bearing locked (i can take the bearing off without pliers) but idk if that helps. I scratched up the spacers with pliers when i was working with this yoyo so the spacers are kinda weird.

other than that i dont see anything else wrong with it so idk why it doesnt spin straight. :frowning:

any suggestions?
i might post pictures of what it looks like when if i find my camera

maybe the problem is in your spacers

Hold your finger up to it, does it stop? If not then contact YYF

Try making sure the spacers are nice and snug against the bearing.
Also, tighten the arrows so they meet.
If there is still a vibe, do what Shisaki Mentioned; Contact YYF

So I have a broken starlite (wobbles really badly) where there is a problem with the spacers (cant be removed and is in bad shape caused by pliers) so I would like to take it apart and see if I can change it in any way so that I would still have the outside/glow in the dark parts, but spins perfectly.

I know that the problem has to do with the middle parts (spacers or axel or idk :stuck_out_tongue: ) but I cant do anything about it since none of the pieces would move. I took this from someone else who glued it in i think. The sides are ok since if i attach a dv888 half to it, it spins fine.

So would it be possible to change the middle of the yoyo and replacing it with something cheap but spins well?

I could turn it into a small bearing.

sounds nice, how would I do that?

spacers are deformed and doesnt secure the bearing. When I tried to take them out they were cut and bent by my pliers. Basically, the spacers are in really bad shape but i cant take them out.

Dude sounds like its better for u just to buy a new Starlite. Starlites are cheap and awesome in performance, but quality is bad. U get wat u paid for in quality. So just buy a new one

I have other yoyos, just wanted to see if I can fix this for fun

Then it’s probably the spacers causing the problem. Only solution is to get them out and replace them. Are they jammed in the shell or stuck on the bearing?

they’re on the yoyo

It’s pulsates then.
my protostar use to be had pulse like that, i change the spacer, and it worked nice.
there still some vibe, but it much better now.
maybe same thing would work for you as well.

See if you can insert something in the hole in the center and try to wiggle/pry them out similar to using a bearing removal tool to get a bearing off.

I got it out, now what?
new spacers and axle?
are they the same size as protostar? and where can i buy these?

Spacers: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/124/YYF-Spacers

Axle: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/197/YYF-Axles or a hardware store, it’s justs set screw.

what size is the axle and spacers?
does a northstar or protostar spacer and axle fit the starlite?

Yes, one size fits all, so to speak.

Thread size
4mm x .7mm pitch

and spacers are size 1?