Starlight Has Vibe!!

Okay, I’ve just received a starlight from Z-train, and it has a bit of vibe… the axle’s slightly loose, and that seems to be the problem. It wiggles from side to side… and when you try to take it out… it does like a half turn, and then stops. Like the axle will only turn 1 turn. Then it’ll stop, and you can turn the other way. But then it stops. This is when the two halfs are apart.

Now, main questions:
Is the starlight supposed to vibe like this? (Approx. 1mm shifting, pulsingish vibe…)
I’m shipping to him tomorrow… smart?
And lastly, I can ask YYF bout this right?

all starlights vibe. Period.
Yes you could contact YYF about this, and if they happened to replace it, you’d have another vibey starlight.

Oh really? That’s a bit sad… seeing as YYJ kickside/speedmaker, and duncan’s don’t even have close to this vibe for less than the same price…

There are some variations though, it seems that you probably have one that is higher on the vibe scale.

personally, I think that the spin time and stability make up for the vibe tenfold.

I suggest not turning that axle. You will ruin the yoyo. It’s not a set screw. It’s a bolt and nut like a FH0.

My Starlite only has a little bit of Vibe. But I Love it! :wink:
I would Suggest Maybe either get a New One or get a New Axle.

how do you replace the axle on a starlite lol

Well it wouldnt be Easy, but it is Possible. You would kind of have to push the axle and pop the side cap out and take the screw out and put a new one in.

Yep. And hope the glue gives before the plastic cap does.

Icthus, the axle’s real wobbly. No effort, I can turn it in a half circle. But that’s all it goes. It also jiggles around… like it’s not set in right or something.

EDIT: If the spacers supposed to have threads… then they were stripped… what should I do about the shipping thing? I’m contacting YYF, but they just suggest I return it to the owner. Furthermore… the spacer’s stuck on the bearing… so when it unscrews, one half is just pure plastic.

Sounds like you need to work w/the guy you bought it from.

So… don’t send for the time being? Also… what should I do???

When you/he offered was it mentioned that it had a vibe?

The axle was loose on my Northstar as well, and it caused a vibe, but it should pretty much be expected. It’s a YYF plastic. They’re notorious for that

No… he said it was mint except for 1 chip. And strangely enough, I can’t find the chip… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone know how to remove the spacers? From the bearing?

That’s odd, I know Ztrain personally, and I know he wouldn’t try to pull anything :-\ I have personally thrown that Starlight, and the one he had before that that cracked, and I didn’t notice a big difference in the vibe. But I’m pretty oblivious to vibe most of the time so take that with a grain of salt.

Best way I know how to remove them is with a knife or any other thin hard object, and basically stick it in between the bearing and spacer and pry the spacer off slowly until it gives.

If you receive a Starlite from a store and it has vibe, you can contact them and return it when it is new and under warranty. If You get one in a trade, sorry, but there is no warranty. Vibe is often user induced (meaning they come smooth but can be made to vibrate). Care must be taken when taking the yoyo apart and putting it back together because if the precision fit of the spacers and plastic body is damaged, smoothness is lost. Still plays well but if you crave smooth, take care.

Wise words from Ben there folks.

Look after your gear, and in turn, it will look after you.

Also, if I read this right… You have received your half of the trade, probably continued to damage the yoyo, and now you ask if you should send his half or not?

Mint is mint, played but in perfect condition is played. Please! Buyers and sellers alike! Be honest and talk things out BEFORE trading/sales take place.

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Huh? He traded first… I received yesterday… and I’m shipping it out today… it was supposed to be good as new, 'cept a nick in the plastic… but whatever… apparently, the starlights have a vibe… so… I guess I was mistaken? It’s a tad annoying… but it’s still playable… so I don’t mind…

You should try tuning it. That worked wonders for my PGM and Protostar.

all of the star yoyos are factory tuned, so if you have never removed the axle, then its will not get any smoother.