Stand by in Matrix.


I really don’t get on how (The Yoyo fly in the throw-hand) I really can’t do the yo-yo will fly in your throw-hand to make a matrix again!

Please help!


You just have to practice, but try to use the string the yoyo is sitting on to pop the yoyo so that it is hanging over your throwhand. It’s kind of like right before going into a 1.5 mount. From there you swing it around to the double or nothing. Then roll out of it and repeat. For the roll out part, make sure to have both loops on one finger or else the roll won’t work.


I really know to dismount and rolling, but the problem is I can’t really get the Yo-yo fly going to my throw-hand. :slight_smile:

(Shisaki) #4

When you roll, move you non-throw hand towards your right and lower you throw hand. That should help


Sorry, off topic, but: What the heck is a yoyo fly?


not sure if this is what you mean but, when you are in trapeze pop the yoyo over your throwhand index and then let it swing around and catch it in a double or nothing


He’s just not perfect on his grammar. He is from the Philippines and isn’t the greatest at English. He does well though.