2 questions.

I’m starting 5A, And I think I can do it. :smiley:
But then, I really don’t understand the 1st and (much more) 2nd swing motion of 5A Tangler.
It’s killing me.

And another (1A), I’m currently in Matrix, My question is how do you get the Yo-yo flies in your Index Throw hand finger?, I mean After you Dismount the Double Or Nothing, It will be a Trapeze Right?, Like Andre Did, after trapeze, The yo-yo flies in the Index Throw hand Finger, I keep watching the video, But I can’t really get it.


OK, on the tangler, I can’t really help you, because I just started 5a also, and that video is very confusing to me. But, I can help you on the matrix. After you dismount from the double or nothing, wrap the string around the non-throwhand pointer with your throwhand, and pull. This will make the yoyo fly over your non-throwhand pointer, and then it will have momentum to fly over your throwhand pointer. You might have to make a little looping motion with your non-throwhand to make the yoyo flip over easily. Hope I helped!

The key with Tangler is to bring it to the inside AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! :wink: