5a tangler help


could someone help me with 5a tangler


Sure where are you getting stuck. Also there are a few variations on the trick. Let me know what you got so far. Also I learned this trick from Miggy’s website definitiveyoyoing.com great 5A tutorials.


after more than 1 year and a half, I’m finally starting to get it.

it’s the kind of trick that has to click. It definitely helps if you can initiate it from some previously started motion and not from a sleeper. Find a trick that will lead you directly into a tangler.

don’t get stuck on it, if you can’t do it, move on, get back to it in a few months. it’ll come faster if you already have a good experience of yoyoing, I started 5A after I was playing yoyo for 3 months only so I had to learn the basics all while playing with a CW.

the tangler is a difficult trick, don’t get stuck and discouraged on it


Listen to Hadoq that’s the best advice. Don’t get frustrated just move on then come back. Steve Brown posted on facebook the other day that he actually just learned tangler. Pretty funny seeing he invented 5A.



it’s hard to explain but in yoyoing you have that kind of “spring effect” when you actually load up momentum, like a spring, then release it

if you know what I mean, then use this to initiate your tangler, you want to load up the motion during a trick, then release both the CW and the throw into the tangler

check out in the next vid, I’m no 5A genius but this illustrates what I’m trying to tell you

at 21" you got that motion when I load up the momentum, then change the direction and throw everything into the tangler

at 43" you got another way to get into it, to me this is the easiest to both enter in a tangler, but also in a way that it’s easier to maintain.

the important point is not to hesitate because it’ll kill the momentum, you have to go for it, miss it a hundred times, get it once, do it a thousand more until you get it.