need help with 5a tangler!


can anyone help me with 5a tangler. i get the first part where you dismount off the trapeze and you slide the CW down a little bit but i dont get the part where you get the CW and the yoyo tangled can anyone help please!!!


it’s one of those tricks, easy to do but hard to get. I’ve been throwing 5A for something like 6/8 months now and I can only do that tangler move in one very specific configuration, exiting an e-fan.

I think the tangler move needs to be “built” a certain way in order for it to work, it’s also the kind of trick where you have to go all the way and can not hesitate.

dunno if it helps, but look the next vid at 1’20" then again at 1’38", this is how I get into the only tangler that I can do so far.

disregard the rest of the 5A, I kinda didn’t do anything interesting in this particular vid

some people get it right away, others don’t, it’s like boing e boing, eli hops and stuff like that. I know I like tech 5A way more and the only reason I work on efans or tangler are because of competition, otherwise I wouldn’t even bother.


usually its easier for me to get into a tangler from a bee sting. It took me a lot of practice and it seems like an awkward movement when you cross them and bring them on the inside of your arm at first but after practice it will come naturally.


Here is a tut:


Practice with it just in front of your hands. Get good at that first, then move it inbetween your arms. That helped me learn.


its a very bad quality video but its a very big help i couldnt understand the tangler came home one day did it my own way and bang got it!


the quality is bad mostly because there’s a light source behind you, you want the light source to be in front of you, behind or at the same level as the camera.

thanks for the vid tho


Ya i have no placrs to film in my house so wen i want to make a good video i have to take it at a friends house