5a tangler

I can’t seem to get it down. whenever i try the counter weight spins around but the yoyo stays in the same place the entire time. does anybody have any tips to help this.

Huh that’s odd I have the exact oposite problem.

How do you even do the 5a tangler? is it done like 2a except you have the string in the middle? any videos?

mine dont tangle together they just do seperate mini-around-the-worlds

Make sure you keep a constant motion with both or your hands.

It helps to move it to the inside right away. Then outside and inside once in a while. This will help pump the yoyo and the die along.

Other than that it is just a feel thing and I’d just practice it.

like this

im trying to learn this trick and havin some trouble are there any more tips anyone else can give?

I had this problem until I watched Tyler’s freestyles. What I noticed that he does is that he puts his left hand more over his right hand and crosses it. Also feed more string into both the counterweight and yo-yo.