Stainless Steel G.5

I just got my Mighty Flea (B-grade from B The Adventure), and it’s a blast! I’ve been playing the Little Evil 2 quite a bit, and enjoy it a lot. I used to carry the G.5 in my pocket. The one thing I didn’t like about the G.5 was that at 50 grams it was too light. I put rubber o-rings in the LE2 to beef it up, but the G.5 doesn’t have an IGR.

I was thinking… I would buy a SS G.5 in a heartbeat!

I actually thought of this a long time ago when the G.5 was originally released. I sent a message to Ben about possibly making them out of SS but as you know…it never happened! :-\

I’m at least ever so thankful that Julio made the Masamini to quench the thirst for the best playing pocket throw 8)

im on the hunt for a masamini >:( :’(

Yeah there’s that…!

I did really enjoy the hubstacks, though. I stopped playing the G.5, because the bearing wore out. I’ve found a new KonKave A bearing in my stash, so time to revive it!

This makes me want to dig out my g.5. I know I’ve got one around here somewhere.

I thought the Masamini was the best until I tried the Eli Dert. I have comparison pictures if anyone is interested.

That shows you just how speculative it is because I thought the baby eli dert was one of the best until I tried the Masamini. I even liked the aoda littles and the shuriken better than the dert.

Picking the best is of course subjective. Maybe I like the dert better because I prefer organic throws. The Masamini is great, just a tad too heavy for my liking. I understand small yoyos need the weight to perform, but I just personally prefer the weight of the dert better.

That’s one of the main reasons I prefer the Masamini over the dert. For the same reason the OP had issues with the g.5 being too light which causes a severe lack in spin time and stability.

Yeah here’s how I like my Ace II:

I definitely would do the same to the G.5 if I could.

I don’t have a scale…