Pads for YYF G.5

Anyone happen to know what pads the YYF G.5 uses? Please note that I’m talking about the mini yoyo, not the regular G5. They are fairly uncommon since I think they maybe only did one run of them. I unearthed one out of my yoyo pile and have had it in my pocket as a bit of a fun novelty for the past week. It’s playable, but I cannot get a nice tight bind with it.

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They did more than 1 run of them. I have a few of them myself. It’s hard to get good consistent binds with them because they were made a little too light for the design. I always wished Ben would have made some g.5’s out of steel instead of aluminum to correct the weight issue.


Ahhh, that makes a lot of sense. Ah well, perhaps I’ll put it away and dig out a popstar instead. Doesn’t have the pullstart hubstack fun, but throws better.