I am going out of my MIND!!!!!

well i recently discovered that i like pretty heavy yoyos for 5a(or mabye its just cuz my g5+is way stable) so i was thinking i would buy me a new legacy for it but i realized also that the die nasty and the counter attack are coming out and i want to have some money for them also becasue i am a die hard fan of the pgm and i think that both would be good for 5a. so if any of you have tried either the die nasty or the counter attack at iyyo or blc please do tell if you liked it or disliked it. anyway i just need some hlep before i do anything that would be wrong please help

I loved both of them.

ok good to know… that settles it im going to wait
but if you have anything else to say about the mPLEASE ssay it

Hows my G5+ XD

its INSANE i love it
off subject ive noticed that it has the exact (or close to it )shape of the superstar

g5 yoyo isn’t very good.

That is all in preference, it all depends on who throws it, I like the G5 a lot while you don’t.

Don’t say it is a bad yo-yo, say you don’t like it.

I don’t see how this has anything to do with this topic.

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