Sr-71 vs DV888

I’m looking to upgrade from my journey and these are the two yo-yos I am looking at.
Mostly because they are the best which are still in my price range ($40-$50).

I’m open to other suggestions, but I really want a yo-yo that will sleep for a long time.
I think part of what is holding me back is that I can’t get my journey to sleep long enough and I have worked on my throw and the yo-yo as much as I can.

I figure my sleep times will improve the more I yo-yo, but I would like to be able to try some of the more difficult tricks, and if the yo-yo itself will sleep longer I think I’ll be able to learn them faster.

Anyway, I know why the SR-71 should sleep longer than my journey (rim weight), but why would the 888 sleep longer? It only weighs 4 more grams. And the overall size is smaller.

If you know how to bind I would recommend the dv888, but if you don’t know how to bind I would recommend the sr-71

Everyone is gonna say dv888. I have one as my Beater 5a throw. It’s alrite. I’d personally go with the SR71 . I like bi-metals and you’ll eventually want a high end aluminum , so, I’d get the bi-metal

Wait, if you get a bi-metal, you will need to get a high end metal, well why not get the Dv888 first? SR-71 should be great, but all the YYJ bi-metals I’ve tried have tiny-small vibe. SR-71 might not have that much vibe, I’m not sure. Dv888 is undersized and if you like normal sized yoyo’s a Raptor would be ideal. Consult Preinfalk and Acavando more details of the Dv888 and Raptor. I’d say Dv888 because it seems to vibe less (not that SR-71 vibes too much) and that you’ll upgrade to all metal sooner or later. It’s also known that the best yoyo’s some people have, have Dv888 included. Hereis an example of what people write:
Thread topic: Best yoyo’s you have
Person 1: Dv888, Superstar, Gnarwhal, Sasquatch
Person 2: MarkMontNext, Dv888, Yuuksta, 888x
Person 3: Peak, Leviathan2, Dv888, Messiah

So I always see people saying that Dv888 compares up to the 100 bucks price ranged yoyo’s. I think Raptor can do too.

I have a DV888,, wooly markmont, YYR Messiah etc… so all expensive/fancy throws

the DV888 is my main throw as for today, it’s just so brilliant, spins forever, stable, grinds very well and is cheap and easy to come by. As it’s cheap I don’t mind throwing 5A with it outside on concrete.