Dark Magic Vs. Sr-71

What is the difference between these yo-yos?

Is there one you would recommend over the other?

The only thing I can tell is the amount of metal used, but then they weigh the same so…

the more metal on the sr 71 is supposed to make it spin longer because of the more mass of metal

dark magic has thumb grind lips and im not sure about the sr 71

and the sr 71 is more angular

Not too obvious but not too hard to compare. I also have difficulty comparing SR-71 to Dv888 but SR-71 to DM? The SR-71 has more metal but is not important although it does add to the spin. The DM also has much more vibe. Apparently, the SR-71 seems more of an advanced yoyo for the most extreme style of any 1A play. Totally SR-71 IMHO.

the sr 71 isnt more advanced than a dm 2 i think they both can play the same but the sr 71 is probley more smoother

That’s what I meant.

oh… srry

Probably smoother? I’ve tried the DM 2, and like many other YYJ yoyos with the solid spin axle, it is dead smooth. I doubt the SR-71 is any smoother. Neither of them have any significant vibe.

How do you know the SR-71 has more metal? If they both weigh the same, they probably have a comparable amount. It’s the distribution that counts when it comes to stability and spin time. Which one has the most weight away from the axle and toward the rim? Offhand, it looks like the DM 2 does, but it’s hard to tell. The SR-71 has more metal surface, which some people like for grinds.

Of course that being said, spin time and stability are not everything. They’re both awesome and unique yoyos, and if you’re getting one of them, I’m happy for ya. :slight_smile:

it even says about the sr 71 that--------

It is built to be sleek and stable with a whole lot more aluminum ring then plastic body providing enough momentum to get through any trick you throw at it

and the sr 71 is a tiny bit smaller in diameter and width and it still weight .2 grams heavier…

Yes, YOYOJAMizm. I find that the SR-71 does have a smoother spin.
ALSO, FiveIronBrian, the SSA comes on the SR-71 (just a fact).
Really, the SR-71 does have a bit more aluminum which is not ONLY great for grinding, but also having enough momentum to do any trick (as mentioned by YOYOJAMizm).
I never said DM2 couldn’t do that, but the fact that DM2 does have a tad more vibe, SR-71 would be a great choice.
As FiveIronBrian said, “Which one has the most weight away from the axle and toward the rim?”, DM2 does have only metal weight rings on the rims mostly but so does SR-71. SR-71 not only has aluminum on rim but also in the middle body. I am just saying, not arguing and if this seems to offend, sorry.

NOTE: I never told Morgoroth to get SR-71, just IMHO. I also never said DM2 would always be under SR-71.

Definitely no offense taken :). I just disagree with how some of the conclusions were arrived at.

A 0.2 gram difference isn’t much. A single plastic cap weighs a whole gram. For stability and spin time, the distribution of weight matters most when the yoyos are of comparable weight. And a smaller diameter in and of itself only hurts spin time and stability.

Yes, both have SSA. I don’t think it’s an established fact that DM2 has more vibe, but maybe you’re right :). All I know is the DM2 I tried was rock solid; maybe not all of them are.

It says the SR-71 has “a whole lot more aluminum ring then plastic body providing enough momentum”. In terms of weight, the DM2 does too. In terms of surface area, yes, the SR-71 has more, but I don’t see how that helps angular momentum. I mean, an all-metal yoyo metal would have the most surface area, but that would take away rim weight and push some of it to the center. Right?

That all being said, I don’t pretend to know which has the most stability and spin time. You’d have to do some complicated math unless you can tell just by playing with them. I don’t think you can tell by looking at it.

I think if I get one (it is going on a general birthday/father’s day/Christmas list) I would want the SR-71 if for no other reason than, its a little different.

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