Dark Magic 2 or SR-71?????

I am looking to replace my yomega dash and have narrowed my search down between the Dark Magic 2 and the SR-71…i know they are very similar in size and weight…the dark magic being larger but the sr-71 being heavier(only by .2 grams i think). Any opinions or thoughts on which one i should go with? or which one you would choose if given the option?? Any comments would be greatly appreciated! ;D

It all goes down to personal preference.

…But I can still give you my opinion. I like the DM (or DM2). It is by far my favorite yoyo. It is a little pricy, but it is awesome at grinds, sleep times, being steady, and learning tricks on. It is also very durable to dings and such. It is well worth the money. But I warn you… if you try this yoyo, you may never want another yoyo again. If you are interested in getting one, there is a link in my signature. But yesterday being “black friday” and all, there might not be any or any good colors left.

Good luck! And happy throwing! :wink:

they both play amazing

i prefer the sr-71 because its more stable but it whats you like

I bought a DM1 about 7 months ago and it is still my favorite throw over my all metals. I’ve never played the SR-71 but I can throw a solid recommendation for the DM