Square yoyo tondo


Good luck finding one. I think Jason Wong has one though.

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The Tondo actually plays relatively decently given that it’s square. It’s a bit “RSL” like in that it moves a lot of air when it spins due to the irregular shape. Sounds like a small turbine.

In play it’s like an unforgiving TRVTH or SB2. Narrow with a very small catch zone. Grinding of course is impossible and painful. (Yes, I tried) That said, it’s perfectly playable and a lot of fun. You can do pretty much any modern non-grinding trick on it.

Here’s a photo of it’s ‘cousin’ the Bist8. Pretty similar in feel and play.

I found the tondo, but I couldn’t find the bist8. Where can I buy it?

Are those smooth?
How long does those sleep?
Does those feel the same as the “regular” ones?

They are as smooth as any modern yoyo as well as I can tell. Can’t exactly do the fingernail test on them since they’re not round.

They sleep as long as any other modern yoyo.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘do they feel the same?’ Same as what? They feel kind of like an ILYY TRVTH or SB2 since they are so narrow.

Where can I buy them?

You don’t. They are extremely rare. Btw, the thread name means square yoyo square :wink: