official wyyc yoyo show off thread

show off you wyyc yoyos not just the se s any u picked up
must be pics

07 bgrade 888 b!st tondo crucial cream duncan original metal zero

mighty flea duncan drifter

se yoyo aoda 888


LOL The B!st yoyo brought back good times…

Last year I tried grinding on it, hurt like a mofo

How much was it?

he gave it to me :smiley:

Nice! Such a smooth yoyo. If you ever wanna trade or sell it hit me up.

not for sale trade srry email

Ooh I have one! The one you got me! ;D

your blue 888 is on the way

Awesome! Check your messages

Lol, the B!st Tondo. Why would they make a square yoyo? Lol, its playble though.