Is there anybody with a square yoyo


As I said (^_^) is there anyone with a square yoyo

(InvaderDust) #2

BiST? I think that was its name. They had a square yoyo.

yea! the Tondo




I actually had a few square yoyos. But I got rid of them. Somebody had suggested to me; that my yoyo collection should be well rounded.



What did you do with them



Budum Tss! haha that was great XD


Lol where can I find any of these “tondo “ yo-yos


Watch the BST and be prepared to pay dearly. They’re not real common.

(InvaderDust) #9

Ive been actively prowling the BSTs for several years now. Ive seen one pop up once. Im sure there have been others, but I never saw them.


Ha that’s my roblox username